Life Skills Center


What is the Life Skills Center?

We believe the skills learned during adolescence should be continuously supported and cultivated to help maintain those skills as they age in adulthood. The Life Skills Center program will encourage participants build confidence in an environment that is both encouraging and safe. 


 Skills we teach for Independence:

  • Vocational and job skills
  • Self-direction and self advocacy 
  • Self-expression and communication
  • Life skills to promote wellness 
  • Self-Care 
  • Social and relationship skills
  • Life Skills for living  

Economics & Educatoin

 Our Home Economic and Educational Suite will help participants learn a number of life skills such as how to:

  • make a light meal
  • use a washer & dryer 
  • fold clothes
  • wash dishes; 
  • load & unload dishwasher
  • make bed
  • personal hygiene
  • handling emergency situations and disaster
  • perform basic manners 
  • money skills/employment and finances 
  • achieving goals
  • math & literacy
  • problem solving
  • gardening 
  • road safety
  • sexual health and wellness
  • community intervention
  • And more! 

Importance of Life Skills

 Staying healthy, taking up new hobbies, getting involved in the community, and building relationships all contribute to a meaningful lifestyle for any adult. In no way are we suggesting your loved one should acquire every one of these skills. It will depend on their preferences and willingness to learn. But if you can encourage and support them on a journey of personal development and growth, it will become rewarding for everyone involved. These programs contain information and tools to equip younger and older adults with disabilities to move into their own apartments or to be more independent within their family’s home.    


 Private Pay Rates With  Transportation 

  • 1 Day: $65/day
  • 3 Days: $1805 Days:$310
  • Monthly: $1200 

Without Transportation 

  • 1 Day: $55/day 
  • 3 Day: $1505 Day: $260
  • Monthly: $1000

* Half day program not available at this time.